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On 9 and 10 March 2018, together with thousands of social organizations, the largest voluntary action of the Kingdom takes place.
During the DOET action, initiatives are highlighted and citizens are encouraged to roll up a day (part). Everyone will benefit from that!
The driving forces behind CURA DOET on Curaçao are Curaçao Cares and the Oranje Fonds.
Volunteers are the beating heart of many social organizations. Curaçao Cares and the Oranje Fonds demonstrate with CURA DOET how important active citizens are to society. In addition, CURA DOET contributes to a good image of volunteering and CURA DOET shows how great volunteering can be. It brings people in contact who can mean a lot to each other.


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Opgenomen met de kinderen van Stichting F.E.L.I.S. Curacao en opgedragen aan ons project door Hip Hop artiest en songwriter Brainpower.

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