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Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “Stand Together”


The first day, basically we arrived tired because of a long flight and we had dinner together and we went to sleep. However we have to thank to the team of Curaçao and Gerda for such a so warm welcome at the airport when we arrived with balloons of the colours of our flags. That made us feel very special and happy.

The second day was the day of Curaçao. Thanks to them we meet to each other participants of the group: names, work, city, family, hobbies… Besides we put together our fears and hopes of the Project in an air balloon and we learn that our fears sometimes don’t let our hopes to become true and we have to lose those fears. What is more, with an activity of jumping by teams we learn how important is working not only as a group, but also as a team. After that, we knew more about culture of Curaçao thanks to Tio Ali and his instruments, music and dance.

The third day was the day of Ukraine  and we learn about the reality in every country regarding sexism, stereotypes, discrimination’s experiences of participants, woman’s discrimination at work and in general. It was a very sensitive day because we realize about reality but we got encourage to change these kinds of discrimination and to sum up, change the world.

At the end of the day we enjoyed a cultural evening of Curaçao and we took the opportunity of taste typical desserts and drinks and we had an spectacle of Tambu dancing where everybody learnt to dance this cultural music.

The fourth day, we went together to FELIS Foundation. We learnt about the history of the foundation and how important are these kinds of initiatives to help society, in this case children of Curaçao. We were playing games with them and performing local fairy tales supporting gender equality.

Afterwards, we play to Scavenger Hunt in Punda by groups. Thanks to this game we made tourism in the city and we engage with the local population talking and dancing Tambu with them.

The fifth day was the day of Spain. We learn about reality on gender inequality in our countries. However, we had a look to projects and laws in our countries that fight for eradicate it and we made proposals of changes with possible initiatives and projects. Besides, we learnt how many stereotypes we used to have in fairy tales, as an example we were playing roles of Cinderella Tale. Last but not least, we learnt about subjects as reproduction rights of the woman, woman’s rights at work, woman NGO for gender equality, household works, etc.

At the end of the day we enjoyed the cultural evening of Georgia, Spain and Ukraine and we tasted their typical foods and we shared cultural moments together.

The sixth day was the day of Georgia. Thanks to them we learnt how much a message can change from issuer to last receptor and how can guiltier of stories can be different from every person’s perception. Also we changed some of the stereotyped Fairy Tales of our countries to an equality’s version.

The seventh day we were all together preparing activities for closure of the project.

All in all, it was an amazing project to make people conscious about the situation on gender equality at the moment and to share moments with people from other countries meeting them and knowing about their cultures.



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