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Being a young Cuban woman, I am really grateful for having the opportunity to live in Curacao. I moved three years ago, and I have been able to continue my postgraduate studies, to find a part-time job where I can grow professionally and meet amazing people that have become friends. This year, I met two Italians: Mirco and Grazia. They were here for just a few months as part of a European volunteer program, and very quickly we became friends. They introduced me to Felis, Erasmus and the Youth Exchange Programs. A few months later, I found myself in contact with Gerda, the leader of Felis Curacao, since I wanted to participate in a Youth Exchange Program, however, my school and work schedule were always in conflict with the dates already set, and I missed every opportunity to participate. A month ago, however, Mirco told me there was a volunteer project for 9 months in Berga, Spain, and asked me if I were interested. Of course, I said YES!!! I spoke with my boss, with my school and with my family, and I was encouraged by all of them. But things are never that easy… Since my passport is Cuban, I knew I needed to ask for a Visa… the paperwork was endless… after each solution, there was another problem, and another, and another… in several moments the thought of quitting crossed my mind… but that is not the kind of person I am… so I kept searching and finding solutions, and in front of each wall, all I had to do was taking it down! I do not like failing, and in order to help me going forward, I always say: if I fail, it cannot be because of me, I always have to do everything I can. And so I did, and it totally worked! In three days I will take the plane that will bring me to a whole new adventure in my life! I am so excited about it!! What a way to finish this year and start the next one! Felis Pasku to everyone!


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Opgenomen met de kinderen van Stichting F.E.L.I.S. Curacao en opgedragen aan ons project door Hip Hop artiest en songwriter Brainpower.

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