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European Solidarity Corps volunteers

Volunteers returned

In November 2020 we sent two volunteers to Zutphen. This is a small city in the east of the Netherlands. They have worked at a thrift store and woodworking place while in their free time they explored The Netherlands. They returned after 4 months with t-shirts that they designed and printed for the children of Felis.

European Solidarity Corps volunteers

One of the main principles of the ESC program is that young people are given the opportunity to increase their competences and skills. By participating in the projects within the ESC, young people have the opportunity to develop themselves personally and professionally, develop their talents, and expand their world. By participating in the projects, for example, they increase their practical and organizational skills and they gain a better understanding of people with a different background and culture. Moreover, young people often have more self-confidence, are more confident, and dare to express their opinion. These competences and skills play an important role in the further future of young people, both professionally and personally.

Acquiring competences and skills within ESC projects mainly takes place through non-formal learning methods, in which the experience and curiosity of the young person themselves are central.


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