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Green Choice

11 – 19 Oct. 2021

In the “Green Choice” project, we learned about the importance of active citizenship, independence, critical thinking, innovative based actions in order to increase the welfare of their communities through green initiatives and green business ideas. Therefore, the project aims to promote Green Initiatives and Green Entrepreneurship ideas among youngsters from Curacao 🇨🇼 Croatia 🇭🇷 and Georgia 🇬🇪 and to confer on the participants’ basic methods to transfer them to their peers and communities from where they come from. We worked together for 8 days, to develop and advance green initiatives and green business ideas, with the goal to advocate the importance of environmentally friendly business practices.
To achieve the main aim, the following objective has been set:
💚 To facilitate the acquisition of competencies on important aspects of the process of starting a business;
💚 To build knowledge of project participants on Climate Change science including causes, consequences, impacts;
💚 To provide young people with tools and methods to undertake green initiatives and green entrepreneurial activities;

Non-formal and informal education methods were used to carry out project activities. The exchange participants lead activities via using creative methods, such as simulation games, theatre performances, forum and theatre.



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