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To continue on our roll, just after a week from our last youth exchange we held another one. This one being about a healthy and productive lifestyle and how sports can help improve your life. This project was organized between partners from Georgia, Curaçao and Finland.

After almost 24 hours of traveling, the groups arrived to our warm island and directly went to our local food truck. During the week of this exchange, everyone was waking up early in the morning to do a morning exercise before breakfast to start the day. Not only did they did some cardio but also Zumba, play dodgeball and some energized childhood games mixed with a sport.

In this project, the youth also shared about mental health after spending almost 2 years in quarantine and its effect.

The participant’s together with local kids also made a basketball plaque for the Bida Nobo youth center, we used the talent of some participants to create something from scratch, that is sustainable and that we can call ours. The kids used the creativity by painting their hands with different colors and paste this on the board.

For more, check down below – for visibility materials and more…

Play for Change

  1. Individual Testimonials Pay for Change
  2. Mobile Apps. Designed by participants
  3. Play for Change_ YE and APV timetable
  4. Visibility Visit to TV
  5. Poster Play for Change
  6. Promotional banner of project by FELIS Volunteers
  7. Report of Final Evaluation_Play for Change
  8. Report of follow-up evaluation_Play for Change


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